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Instructions and Help


4K Fire TV Box Instructions

Plug AFTV into the HDMI port.
If you have a wireless keyboard plug it in to the USB port.

Plug in power supply and change the input on your TV to the new source.

You should see the Amazon TV booting up.


Connecting To Your Wifi

When prompted

Go to Network settings and pick your Wifi from the list or
Using the remote page down to Settings…
Page to to System than to Network

You might need to click on Forget this network
(keybox was my router)

Select your WIFI from list enter password if needed.
Back out using the back button
(left upper button on the remote).


Note: You need a good Internet connection
or the Fire Box will not work well.
Cox Cable works better than DSL most of the time.

If the AFTV buffers a lot It’s Your Wifi or internet connection


Tips For Making The Wifi Work Better


(1) Move your router close to the AFTV Box (within 10 feet)
(2) Add a larger antenna to your router
(3) Add a 2nd router or booster that has a good antenna ...............
(4) As a last resort you could reset your routers Wifi to B mode!
(5) Don't use WiFi conect directly using the ethernet cable

Note: The WiFi router from Century Link SUCKS
Adding a wireless router will help

How To Run Kodi


All installed Apps are under
Manage Installed Applications


From the Amazon home window.....
Go to Settings - Page right to – Applications - Page down to Manage installed Applications Click

Page down to Kodi from the list....Click
From here you can run Kodi - Clear catch or run force stop


To Run Kodi The Easy Way


Inside of Amazon there is a list of installed apps

Go to Apps...Than to Your Apps Library

There is a big bluee i Ikon under apps
Thats Kodi... Just click on the ikon

Note: You can not run force stop or clear catch from here...
Those options are under
Manage Installed Applications


To Play A Movie In Kodi


Page to Movies
Page to Salts
Page to search

Type the name of movie you are looking for

Click on DONE

In SALTS the movie will start automatically

Hit Z on the keyboard to see what quality the stream is

ESC will close the info window

Note: If you Find A Bad Stream Use A Different Program

To Stop the Movie


Push X on the keyboard or

With the remote

Click the center button, then click right
and then click the center button.
(You are trying to click the small square on the video player)

The Video player also has sound adjustments screen adjustments brightness and close caption settings.

All settings can be changed with the remote or keyboard


If you get Video and other windows
open at the same time


keep clicking the back button
Eventually you will get back to the full screen video
Then you can close the video


Frozen or Crashed Kodi

If Kodi stops working or is frozen
hit the home button to get out
(Top center button)

Go back to Applications, Manage installed Applications, Kodi

Click Force Stop

Then restart Kodi

You can always unplug the fire stick as well


You can add programs to the favorite list by
pushing the button on the remote that has 3 lines on it

If inside of SALTS the favorites will be saved inside that program
but with C-Cloud the favorites will be saved in the main favorites folder


You can use Favorites to build a list of Live Streaming TV channels you like
using C-Cloud or other IPTV programs


Keyboard Commands for Kodi


X – Stops any video
Z – Shows video quality
I – Shows video information
O – Speed of movie being streamed and CPU info
C – will open the add to favorites window

For everything else use Enter-Backspace and Esc and the 4 way arrow keys





Amazon 4k
Minix UH-1
Benchmark is the speed of the box
OEM Price
Our rating



Our Software



Our version of Kodi comes with a 6 month Guaranty on our software and you can update you software for free anytime during the warranty

After 6 months updates are $29.95 with a 6 Month warranty include






TP Link N300
Cheap Router

Sale $19.95


These things work OK
if you just need to add WiFi

Also you can try a WiFi Extender

Look Left Side of page








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Dead Pool

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Mad Max



The 300

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Sharknado 3


n Stock

The Edge Of Tomorrow




Raiders of The Lost Ark



Man Cave
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Man Cave Without Kodi


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