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Amazon fire TV

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Best Android Box
of 2016 is...

The Nvidia Shield

(Faster than Most PCs)

Faster Than Any Other Android Box
Android Phone
Android Tablet

This is the Fastest Android We have ever tested

With Remote
And Game Controller

Fully Loaded With Kodi and our software


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All Time Best Seller

Fire TV Stick

Works Better Than Most All China Boxes

Easy to install
Easy To Use
Remote works Good
Best on 53" TV or smaller

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Only $79.00 Free shipping

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Google Nexus Player


Intel Inside
Works On Google Play
Easy To Side load
Looks Nice

Not Cheap China Crap

On Sale Now


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The Best China Android Boxes

Fully Loaded
Works on Google Play
up to 16Gig Storage

Screw On Antenna
Digital Audio Out

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Wireless Keyboards

Routers & WiFi Extenders

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Odds and Ends

High Gain Antennas
Ethernet Cable 
HDMI Cables

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Arizona Cord Amazon Fire TV Stick ....Only $69.95 (Includes 6 Months Warranty On Software)


Free Movies

4k Nvidia
.4k.Fire TV
Fire Stick.
.4K MX-2.
4K M8....


MiniX NEO U1



This is the MiniX NEO U1
Quad core streaming box

This is one of the best China boxes at this time


Why buy a China box?

All China boxes run a version of Android TV that is basicly Open
This will alow you to add some software that other boxes won't let you use
These Boxes run Kodi Fine but Netflix and other programs wont run at all

Digital audio port

3 USB ports

Headphone jack

removible antana

These boxes have all the bells and whisels

Just make sure you buy a good China Box like the Minix and not the cheapo M8 or cloans.


My Rant

Every 4-5 months the Chinese come out with a new box faster CPU and better grafics but

Don't beleive all of the hype


As of 2016 all China boxes use whats called

Pump and dump video prosesing

This is the most basic video procesing there is


If you are streaming a good 1080p movie they look good
but if you are dealing with an average 720 copy they don't look so good


Some of the electronics are so cheap they get hot and crash
To make things worse the firmware (android on the box)
is almost always buggy


Some name brands work better than others even if they have the same specifactions


There are 2 Minix boxes you might want to try

The Older Minix-8H pro and

The New Minix NEO U1

The Older Minix is more stable right now but the Neo U1
is faster and has a remote that works OK





As you can tell we are not a big fan of China Android boxes
but they are getting better and this year most of the boxes do work


As of 9-1-2016 the fastest China CPU is
the S905.... last year it was the S812

Both of these work OK the S905 is faster
but not nearly os fast as the Amazon Fire TV




We no longer stock ANY China boxes

The Fire TV Is Just Better.

The Only Reason To Buy China Is To Use The Box For Downloading To a Thumb Drivean Than You Can Play The Video On Your TV Using a Thumb Drive and The Player That Is On Your TV.





















Actual Pic Of Our Software


Most of the Software will Update Automatically

So You Will Have Movies For A Long Time...

Every Box We Sell Comes With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If You Don't Like It We Will Even Pay For Shipping!


Our Software Is Guaranteed For 90 Days
If Some Programs Quit in That Time
We Will Reprogram The Box For Free
Most Of The Programs Will Last 6 Months Up To 1 Year


Software Prices

$19.95 For existing customers only (No Warranty)

$29.95 (With 90 Day Warranty)

$39.95 (With 6 Months Warranty)



Most People Use Our Software For 6-9 Months
Without Any Software Update So No Need To Rush Out And Get New Software..But



Eventually You Will Want New Software

Every Year the software keeps getting Better and Better So Don't Wait Too Long...Get The Newest Software Now



You Can Replace The Software For Free
And As Often As You Want When Under Warranty








The Good The Bad & The Ugly

HD 1080P


Jurassic World


Dead Pool

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Mad Max



The 300

Iron Man 2


TV Shows

Walking Dead




Sharknado 3


n Stock

The Edge Of Tomorrow




Raiders of The Lost Ark



Man Cave
With Kodi

Man Cave Without Kodi


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