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Best seller 2016

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Amazon fire TV

4k Streaming Box


On Sale Now

Only $149.00

What You Get


Movies Section

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You Tube Without Ads

Live TV Streams

Net flix

Remote With Voice
4K compatible
Fast Processor



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Best Android Box
of 2016 is...

The Nvidia Shield

(Faster than Most PCs)

Faster Than Any Other Android Box
Android Phone
Android Tablet

This is the Fastest Android We have ever tested

With Remote
And Game Controller

Fully Loaded With Kodi and our software


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All Time Best Seller

Fire TV Stick

Works Better Than Most All China Boxes

Easy to install
Easy To Use
Remote works Good
Best on 53" TV or smaller

On Sale

Only $79.00 Free shipping

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Google Nexus Player


Intel Inside
Works On Google Play
Easy To Side load
Looks Nice

Not Cheap China Crap

On Sale Now


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The Best China Android Boxes

Fully Loaded
Works on Google Play
up to 16Gig Storage

Screw On Antenna
Digital Audio Out

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Wireless Keyboards

Routers & WiFi Extenders

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Odds and Ends

High Gain Antennas
Ethernet Cable 
HDMI Cables

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Best christmas present for men 2016.....Best gifts for boyfriends 2016 Best christmas present for men 2016.....Best gifts for boyfriends 2016 2016....





Best Gift

For Men In 2016

Is The Amazon Fire TV!


....... Yes It's True .......

The Best gift this year is the Amazon 4K streaming box!



You Get Unlimited Free Movies...

Yes with our software installed you will get
most every movie ever made for free

No Bill Ever!


You Will Even Get New Movies
That Are Still In Theaters

And New TV Series That NetFlix
Does not Have



If You're Looking To Replace NetFlix

This Is What You Want



How It Works


We Use The Best Android

Streaming Boxes and Add Our Software

And You Get Most Every Movie Ever Made For Free!

You also get
Sports Channels
News Channels
Music Channels
Some TV Channels



No Subscription Ever

No Bill Ever



Please Call Or Text For More Information





fJust Buy Our Favorite Android Streaming Box And You Will Have Unliminted Movies


Sale $149.95

Amazon Fire TV 4k Fully Loaded
With Kodi and Our Software
30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping



Though some might disagree
For the money this is the best streaming box of 2016

It's fast with good video quality and has a remote that works good and it's built well.. We have never seen one quit working or burn out.

Then you add in the fact that it plays Kodi and Netflix fine and has all of the programs Amazon has added...


This is a great little box.


Add our software and you now have a mini entertainment system with over 70,000 movies and even some live TV and sports channels




Our version of Kodi comes with a 6 month Guarantee on our software (MaxV3.5) and you can update your box for free anytime during the warranty period.

After 6 months updates are $29.95 with a 6 Month warranty included


30 Day
No Risk Money Back Guarantee




We were so happy when this box came out in late 2015
Before that we had to use a PC or slow Android boxes

Those days are gone for good!



The Fire TV 4K Box is what you want




Nvidia Shield
Amazon Fire TV
Fire Stick
Benchmark is The speed
of the Microprocessor
Our Price
Our Rating

The Faster The Benchmark
The Better The Streaming

Any Of The Boxes We Sell Will Work Better Than NetFlix




The Amazon 4K Box
Does Not Come With a HDMI Cable


Add a HDMI Cable

Only $4.95

Add a wireless keyboard

Black L400 Keyboard




Mini Keyboard

Sale $19.95




If you have weak WiFi your streaming box will never work good.


You Have Several Choices:

Buy a router with better range

Move your router close to the TV

Add a WiFi Extender to your WiFi

Add a high gain antenna to your router

Connect your Android box directly to the internet with an ethernet cable


There are 100s of routers you can buy
We just stock 2 inexpensive ones
The $100.00 routers do have better range




TP Link N300
Cheap Router

Sale $19.95


This router works OK nothing to brag about but if you just need to add an inexpensive WiFi these work goo


Adding a 2nd router will let you move the router closer to your TV without moving your Cox Router.

This can also fix an unstable DSL router








Already Have an Android
TV Box?

Fire TV box

Fire TV stick

Nvidia Shield

China TV Box

We can Program IT

Just go to the Software Only Page

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Jurassic World


Dead Pool

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Mad Max



The 300

Iron Man 2


TV Shows

Walking Dead




Sharknado 3


n Stock

The Edge Of Tomorrow




Raiders of The Lost Ark



Man Cave
With Kodi

Man Cave Without Kodi


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